Friday, July 9, 2010

A Small Milestone...

Today's post marks the 100th original frame for This Little Piggy... !

You may be able to tell - This Little Piggy... is a true labor of love for me. I have long since stopped chasing the dream that there is a place for me as a professional artist, and now have a full-time career in the non-art (anti-art?) world of manufacturing. There is no pretense that this will lead to something bigger, or earn me extra money or whatever. This Little Piggy... has never generated a penny, nor do I expect it ever will. But I am driven to carve out a little piece of every day to get these pictures, notions and phrases out of my head and into the world of This Little Piggy... I need this outlet, and I would love to think someone got something out of it besides me.

As I generally say on the rare occasion I get a comment or any feedback on a post: thank you, glad you enjoy it and hope you come back. This Little Piggy... will see 200 frames and who knows how many more.

---- Bill ---- 7/9/10


ninetwelveband said...

I read every day and take it for granted a new swiney scenario will be in my morning coffee.

Thank you for the 100 panels. We'll be keeping those by the way.

Guise said...

Happy 100, Bill and all the little piggies out there!

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